C919: the First China made Large Civil Aircraft

First China made Large Civil Aircraft C919, basic type of full economic level layout for 168, mixed level layout for the 158. Its design standard range is 3700 km, increased range is 5555 km.

CR929: Sino-Russian Future Widebody Aircraft Project

On June 25th, 2016, China COMAC and Russia UAC signed a joint venture contract, China and Russia formally established partnerships on the development of widebody aircraft project. The two companies will carry out research and development work in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, the establishment of a joint venture company in Shanghai as the main body of the project implementation. At present, the joint venture company registration approval process has been launched, is expected to be officially listed operations, the aircraft assembly in Shanghai completed.

Sino-Russian long-range widebody aircraft with double channel cabin layout, the basic design range is 12,000 kilometers, 280 seats; through the use of advanced aerodynamic design, extensive application of composite materials, assembling a new generation of high bypass ratio turbofan engine and avionics system to improve the comprehensive performance of aircraft, CR929 will have lower direct operating cost than other similar models. In addition to the basic type, can be extended, shortened and other series of development, to meet the needs of different customers. CR929 will be developing in accordance with international airworthiness standards. According to the development experience, The CR929 development cycle needs about 7 years (maiden flight), to achieve product delivery is expected to take about 10 years.

CR929 project will remain open, the preferred global supplier to participate in development. The supplier will be in the global tender, preferred experience, products have market competitiveness, willing to share the risk. The supplier shall have the ability and experience to support all life stages of the model, with a sound system of certification, quality control and customer support capabilities. CR929 project encourage more suppliers to invest in local or joint venture production. At present, the two companies are on the assessment of supplier RFI Document.
AG600: China's Own Design and Development of Large-scale Fire Fighting, Water Rescue Amphibious Aircraft
AG600 is one of China's big aircraft three musketeers, is China's own design and development of large-scale firefighting, water rescue amphibious aircraft, is the world's largest amphibious aircraft.

The machine is mainly used for amphibious, has the function of carrying out emergency rescue, forest fire-fighting, sea patrol and other special task etc. The aircraft has adopted single hull, cantilever on the single-wing layout type, optional four WJ-6 engines, and the retractable landing gear for the first three points. This is China's new generation of special aviation products representative.AG 600 is the successor of China's low-grade aquatic aircraft 5 after more than 30 years of water boom.

AC352: AVIC and Airbus Jointly Developed Medium-sized Helicopter

"Kun Dragon" AG600 has completed the water low, medium speed skating line in September 2018 which will be in the stage of water high-speed glide test work.

On October 1st, 2018,it has completed the first water high-speed coasting test at the Hubei Zhanghe Airport in the city of Jingmen, Hubei province, aircraft control system is stable and the system works normally.

It is expected to test the first flight in 2019.

AHL: Advanced Heavy-Lift Helicopter

2015.05 AVIC and Russian helicopter company jointly signed the Cooperation Framework Agreement for Advanced Heavy Duty Helicopter Project

It is foreseeable that AHL will outperform the Mi-26 helicopter in terms of its suitability, electronic system, maintenance and logistics. The future will become an advanced heavy helicopter juxtaposed with the CH53K.

The development of AHL heavy-duty helicopter has great historical significance in the development of helicopter in our country, once it turned out, it will fully meet the demand of heavy equipment point-to-point air transport, large-scale transportation, rescue and relief, big machinery and so on, especially for the terrain complex area. In the functions of peculiar vertical takeoff , landing, and hovering and so on, combining on the basis with large load, plays more significant role in the industry.

At present, AHL has entered the stage of argumentation.

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