The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) requiring that all commercial aircraft have head-updisplays (HUD) by 2025 has led Airbus to launch a HUD retrofit program in China.


Moreover, the timetable requires that at least half the Chinese fleet be fitted with HUDs by 2020, says Airbus, adding that to address this, the Airbus-managed retrofit program will enable operators to phase-in their HUD installations concurrently with other upgrades or scheduled maintenance checks.


Airbus aircraft fitted with HUD will benefit from lower minimum landing requirements, which in turn will allow increased traffic volumes to and from Chinese airports C as landings and takeoffs become more efficient.

Non-HUD equipped aircraft may have to wait for landing slots.


HUD equipment was first introduced on fighter aircraft but is relatively new to commercial aviation. It comprises a transparent display screen in the pilots field of view that provides key information on trajectory, speed and altitude as well as an artificial horizon and other primary flight data.


Using the HUD increases pilots situational awareness, particularly during the approach and landing phases in bad weather and fog, says Airbus.

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