Honeywell is the first company to obtain non-English language approval for alerts in the helicopter cockpit.


Chinese helicopter pilots will receive ground proximity warnings in Mandarin following approval by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration o f Chinese language alerts for Honeywells Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS).


Use of the Mandarin languag e in Honeywells MK XXII EGPWS is the first time the FAA has approved voice alerts in anything but English.


Developed by Honeywell in 1996, EGPWS functions as an independent monitor of an aircraft's position relative to surrounding terrain. The system protects aircraft against controlled flight into terrain, such as mountains or buildings, along with wind shear, and optional runway incursions or overruns.


EGPWS is widely considered one of the biggest success stories in the history of aviation, and our Mandarin language version will be of huge benefit to Chinese speaking pilots, says Andy Gill, senior director, business & general aviation, Asia Pacific, Honeywell Aerospace.


As helicopter use in China continues to rise, Honeywell is committed to providing pilots and operators with best-in-class solutions that enable safer and more efficient operations. Looking ahead, our success with this Mandarin addition puts us in a strong position to work on more language additions worldwide.


Honeywell has invested heavily in engineering and technology in China, with over 500 engineers and five joint ventures established to support the projects and organizations in the country.


Our Chinese engineers drive the local research and development, as well as to support aerospace product efforts worldwide. They played a vital role in developing the Mandarin callouts for the EGPWS. It is a demonstration of Honeywells strategy of strengthening the engineering capability in regions, says Jun Xu, Aerospace engineering & technology leader of Honeywell Technology Solutions China.


In May 2016, the State Council announced new guidelines for the development of Chinas general aviation industry, including targets for more than 500 general aviation airports and 5,000 general aviation aircraft by 2020. With the approval of Mandarin EGPWS, Honeywell believes it is wellpositioned to support the growth of Chinas general aviation industry by offering Chinese helicopter pilots enhanced flight safety and efficiency.

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