AVIAGE Systems, a joint-venture between AVIC and GE, has signed an agreement with Avics Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aviation Systems (NEIAS) for product development.


NEIAS has been tasked with helping to jointly develop new functionality for AVIAGEs systems, says AVIAGE in a statement released at Airshow China.


AVIAGE is responsible for developing the avionics system for the Comac C919.


The company says its integrated modular avionics system uses digital open architecture capable of hosting more functions.


NEIS is a subsidiary of Avics Electromechanical Systems, which owns a variety of technologies including environmental control, fuel, hydraulic and air management systems, says AVIAGE.


The cooperation between AVIAGE and NEIAS allows the latter to move beyond its core market, which is military aircraft, and tap into the civil aviation market for business opportunities, it says.


In terms of the C919 program, AVIAGE says in September it completed the installation and test of avionics systems on the first C919 aircraft.


But it also says it is looking ahead beyond C919 for other business opportunities and sees a bright future thanks to the increasing digitization of aircraft.


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