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According to the forecast, in the next two decades, China civil aircraft market will need at least 6020 new aircrafts, worth a total of USD 870 billion. By the year of 2033, China Airlines aircrafts demand will account for nearly 45% of total demand of APAC.

In 2015, China civil aircraft market will developing rapidly, Sino-Russia cooperation future wide-body aircraft, COMAC C919 (will take its maiden flight at the end of 2015), MA700 (part manufacture beginning), AG600 (the world largest amphibious aircraft), Sino-Russia cooperation Advanced-Heavy Lifter Project (30 tons civilian helicopter), Sino-France cooperation AC352 Helicopter (7 tons civilian helicopter) and AC3X2 Helicopter (Independent R&D by AVICOPTER), the year of 2015, the milestone of China civil aircraft industry.

Under this background, the industry leading-edge Civil Avionics International Forum 2015 (CAIF 2015) will be held in Shanghai during April 21st - 23rd, 2014, focusing on “More Reliable, More Safety and NextGen Avionics”, sharing the latest industry insights, hoping the CAIF series activities can bring you the maximum value.

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